Christopher Kane Debuts 'More Joy' Summer 2021 Line Filled With Positive Affirmations

Following last season’s sleepwear-dominated “More Joy” release, London designer Christopher Kane is back to unveil his latest iterations under the counterpart label. For Spring/Summer 2021, the brand lends it signature motifs — “More Joy,” “Sex” and “Special” — to loungewear, swimwear and a selection of accessories and home goods.

Within the line, long-sleeve and short-sleeve striped t-shirts sport the label’s signature boxed logo, while hoodies take a more subtle approach with blended embroidery in black and grey colorways. A red t-shirt reads “Special” in large, centered black typeface next to a white t-shirt with “Sex” printed in the same format. Button-up shirts are plastered in repeated branding for each motif, while bathing suits take on a red-black-white color code with the same phrases.

Kane branded several accessories and homeware items as well, including tote bags, visors, fans, pool slides, face masks and a special deck chair, among several other items.

The designer previously detailed his vision behind the supplemental brand, which he founded in 2019, saying: “As designers, we know the things we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our lives. As people we’ve learned positivity becomes a state of mind with daily affirmations. More Joy, Sex and Special are our brand placards that promote the realization of higher ideals.”

The “More Joy” Summer 2021 collection is available to shop now on Christopher Kane’s webstore.

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