Celebrity Teasure Island: Our first goodbye and it’s a heart ‘Breaker’

Celebrity Treasure Island is back for season two baby and it’s come at the perfect time. Did someone say lockdown boredom? Well, boredom no more, my reality TV lovers!

Tonight’s episode, the second in the season, saw the first elimination and it was a real tear-jerker. But before I spill all the tea, let first let’s recap what led us to that sad goodbye that left us reaching for the tissue box.

As it is early days in the competition it’s to be expected that everyone is still finding their feet, but some are doing a better job of it than others.

Here’s the hot takes on the teams: Team Katipō, or “The Jokers” are 100 per cent the cool kids of the island. Team Honu or “The Legends” looks like the group who honestly all low key hate each other and Team Repo, “the Bosses”? Simply put, they’re intimidating.

Team Honu are struggling to find their groove, well, rather one person, in particular, is, Angela Bloomfield and it seems her only sympathiser in the team is Anna Simcic who took a minute to listen to Angela’s fears and suggested some team building is in order.

“I’m a talker, I’m a hugger, that’s the world I live in and these jokers don’t do that,” Angela told the camera diary while holding back tears.

Unlike his friendlier teammate, Tammy Davis hit a gal when she was down and told the camera diary he thought Ange is the weakest link in their team. So much for team spirit, aye.

It feels like school camp and you’ve been put in a group with none of your friends. It’s grim.

The teams pulled themselves together for a group challenge that would see one team win not only fruit, but delicious coffee – is anyone else noticing the similarities between lockdown and Treasure Island? I miss my barista.

Edna Swart’s eyes almost popped out of her head and from the get-go it was clear she wasn’t there to kill spiders or whatever the Aussies say.

Bree summarised the challenge perfectly, “If you’ve ever thought to yourself I’d love to see a bunch of celebrities handling a bunch of melons, well we bring you that kind of content here on Celebrity Treasure Island” and to make the content even more riveting, they also put together a puzzle.

Blockbuster entertainment if you ask me.

Angela took a mum approach and bossed The Legends around with stern instructions, Edna made it clear to The Bosses that losing wasn’t an option and I think I saw her eye do that evil twitch cartoon villains do when they aren’t getting their way. The lovely Kim Crossman was a perfect representation of The Jokers and directed her team in a cool, calm, and collected manner.

Ultimately it was Edna’s if you lose you’ll die approach that won The Bosses the breakfast bar complete with coffee and I swear to God I’d never seen a smile so big or a team so relieved but not for long. Like the term win some lose some, The Bosses might have won their liquid gold but Lance Savali was left with a tough decision to make – who would face elimination?

After what seemed like forever of Lance um-ing and ah-ing about who to send home it became clear he wasn’t used to making tough decisions, Edna however had a more cutthroat approach.

“This is the game, don’t get too attached.”

And that my friends is why The Bosses are bosses on the outside world as well. Logical and willing to make tough decisions.

I’m a tiny bit scared of Edna, and her team probably should be too.

In the end, it was Breakers legend, Casey Frank, from The Legends and Brynley Stent from The Jokers who faced elimination and had to compete to keep their spot on the island by balancing blocks?

It doesn’t sound too difficult but by the time Brynley and Casey had to rebuild their towers for the third time I was ready to turn off the TV. The preschool activity had a sneaky twist of a seesaw table that resulted in sweat-level suspense.

And just when it looked like Casey would claim the win his tower repeatedly caved in the same way my heart did when level 4 was announced, which allowed Brynley to secure the win.

Casey’s last words were ones all of us Jafas can relate to “I’m bitterly disappointed.” But like the good sport he is, he gave Bryn a hug and a bittersweet farewell to the rest of the contestants. While Bryn celebrated her win by claiming one of 10 clues available this season that will ultimately aid in finding the treasure hidden on the island.

So friends that wrapped up tonight’s episode, come back tomorrow to find out what is in store for our celebs.

For all the inside gossip and behind the scenes stories, listen to Inside Celebrity Treasure Island hosted by S2 contestant Kim Crossman!

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