Capcom Showcase planned for Monday as hopes raised for Resident Evil 4 DLC

Another preview showcase has been added to the list, as Capcom prepares to reveal more on Dragon’s Dogma 2 and perhaps Pragmata.

While many of the same publishers that would normally be involved in E3 are putting on their own events this year it’s all a bit of a jumble, with no clear logic as to who does and doesn’t have a showcase. Nintendo usually always do and yet they’ve announced nothing. Capcom events are rare but they’ve suddenly announced one for next Monday.

There’s absolutely no information about the event, other than it will take place at 11pm BST on Monday, June 12.

Capcom are in an odd position at the moment, in that they’ve had a great run of games recently – with Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 6 being amongst the year’s most critically acclaimed – but they’ve currently got very little else scheduled, beyond Dragon’s Dogma 2 and a lot of DLC and smaller releases.

It’s more than possible that the showcase will simply feature Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal, and the Ghost Trick remaster, as well as DLC for Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4.

Both games have DLC announced already, with Street Fighter 6 due to get a number of new fighters and Resident Evil 4 confirmed to have a VR mode on the way. It also seems highly likely that the Separate Ways campaign for Ada Wong will be released as a paid-for expansion, although that’s never been confirmed by Capcom.

There’s also Pragmata, which was announced in 2020 but which Capcom has never mentioned again, but doesn’t seem to have cancelled. This would certainly be a good opportunity to put it back in the spotlight and explain what it actually is.

Whether there’ll be anything brand new is hard to say. Capcom’s release schedules are now quite thin and since they’re currently doing so well, now would be the ideal time to try and bring back classic franchise.

Maybe Ace Attorney or perhaps a new Mega Man Battle Network game, since the recent remaster compilation did unexpectedly well.

More inevitable are new Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry sequels but with them Capcom might prefer to have a dedicated reveal event.

Unless there’s a leak there’s no way to know for sure, but thankfully it won’t be a long wait to find out.

Join us on Monday, 12 June at 11:00pm BST for the Capcom Showcase, where we’re excited to share the latest info on our upcoming titles!

Stay tuned for more details! 👀

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