Bodega Releases Delivery #2 of Its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Boston-based retailer Bodega has released a fresh new set of apparel and accessories for its spring/summer 2021 collection. This second drop follows this season’s Delivery #1 released last month.

With the prospect of summer fun a reality once again, Bodega has you set with casual and cool camp-inspired gear. Starting off the collection is a sun-colored yellow hoodie, which pairs well with their olive green cargo pants.

Next up are a number of graphic tees which come in grey and soft lavender. For the summer days when the sun is strong and pants offer too much fabric, the collection also features an assortment of tan and multicolored nylon shorts. The “leisure short” features a nylon construction, webbed belt, mesh cargo pockets and a navy blue Bodega embroidery. Finally, the collection presents a color-block bucket hat that’s navy, olive green and warm beige.

All of the items are available now on Bodega’s website and in-store at the Boston and Los Angeles locations.

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