Blink-182 Plays at Denny's to Recreate Meme

Following the release of their ninth album, One More Time…, along with two bonus songs, “See you” and “Cut Me Off,” Blink-182 recently held a surprise show. Adding to the unexpected excitement, the beloved group decided to hold their show at a Long Island, California branch of Denny’s.

The choice of the unlikely location is a reference to a long-circulated meme in which Houston metalcore band Live Without played in the same restaurant.

Packing into the storied 24-hour diner with fans filling every inch of the US chain restaurant, bassist Mark Hoppus shouted, “What the fuck is up, Denny’s!” A reference to the frontman of Live Without. The group played “Anthem Part 3” as fans lost their minds jumping and screaming along.

Catch a clip of Blink-182’s surprise show at Denny’s above.

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