Billboards for Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Go Up in Los Angeles

Amidst the anticipation for Travis Scott‘s return with his heavily teased Utopia album, billboards for the upcoming project have been spotted throughout Los Angeles. It is interesting to note the billboards also look to be pointing towards a July release date for the forthcoming LP.

One ad that popped up in LA shows numbers on a briefcase combination lock, referencing the Utopia-marked briefcase the La Flame, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd have been spotted with. The numbers are set to “07211” which are believed to represent the potential drop date of July 21. Another ad shows a Utopia clock set to 7:21, further cementing the believed July 21 release. The billboard above Gil Turner Wine and Spirits Shop in West Hollywood also reads “Is it in the liquor store?” with underneath.

Head over to to experience the build-up to Travis Scott’s Utopia album.

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