Apple Reportedly “Halts” Development of Its Own WiFi Chips

Apple has ceased working on the development of in-house WiFi chips, according to tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The industry analyst, who has a history of making strikingly accurate predictions about Apple in the past, revealed his latest presumption in a recent blog post.

Kuo said that based on a survey of the current semiconductor industry – studying foundry, equipment, and packaging and testing – he deduced that Apple has paused production on the chip for a while.

While Apple was rumored to be working on a dual WiFi and Bluetooth chip that would replace its supplier Broadcom, Kuo thinks that Apple is working on a WiFi-only chip, citing that most Apple products use the dual chip and it would be comparably more difficult to develop the dual chip on a timely schedule.

As the industry rapidly progresses over the next few years, with companies vying to accommodate Wi-Fi 6E/7 upgrades, Kuo notes that it would be especially risky for Apple to debut its own chip amid such fast-moving industry shifts.

In the meantime, Apple is reportedly pivoting its efforts to focus on computer processors, such as the recent M2 series chip, in order to boost sales on that front.

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