All the Celebrities Expecting Babies in 2021

We don’t have to ask what these celebrities were doing in quarantine! There’s nothing we love more than finding out that one of our favorite celebrity families is about to get a little bigger, and we’ve definitely needed silver linings like a baby on the way to look forward to these days. Luckily, these stars seem to be thinking the same way — and it seems like every time we turn around, there’s either a newly pregnant celeb or a secret celeb baby born into the world.

Our very first 2021 bump alert? None other than La La Land‘s Emma Stone, who’s currently pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Dave McCary, who she stealthily tied the knot with back in September. Stone’s not big on updating the general public with her family plans (hence the secret wedding), but she did indicate in November that she “felt pretty good about starting [her] own pack,” and it looks like she and McCary dove right in.

While Stone is on the more secretive side, we’re looking forward to a year full of sweet pregnancy announcements, distanced baby showers, and (hopefully) fewer damage-inducing gender reveals. There’s no one better equipped to shine a light on the wonders and horrors of pregnancy than a celebrity with a million-plus followers, and our favorite stars over the years have done just that, in ever-increasing detail.

Who knows? 2021 could be the biggest baby boom yet, since we know these celebs had a lot of time on their hands last year. Read on for all the celebrities expecting babies in 2021.

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