AI Meets Mayan Jungle Art in SFER IK's $100,000 USD Challenge

SFER IK Museion, a creative hub by AZULIK in Tulum and Uh May, is launching the SFER IK AWARD for artists to create AI-integrated artwork. The winner receives $100,000 USD, a two-month residency at AZULIK Uh May with access to resources, and art residencies for runners-up. The application period is from September 12 to November 17, 2023, with winners announced during Miami Art Week.

Open to global artists, the award focuses on AI-driven art exploring themes like biodiversity, collaboration with nature, and ancestral knowledge in the Mayan jungle. Proposals will be judged based on AI integration, thematic relevance, and feasibility. The showcased works will be part of SFER IK’s open-air museum in Tulum. This award aligns with AZULIK’s support for culture and upcoming museum launches in Tulum and Saudi Arabia. Visit to submit proposals.

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SFER IK, an interdisciplinary arts center in Uh May near Tulum, Mexico, harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings through biomorphic architecture. It’s part of the AZULIK Uh May ‘The City of Arts’ complex, housing artisan workshops, Roth Productions (a media company), Roth Architecture, Roth Design, and more. The complex is self-sufficient, with a cutting-edge facility called FabLab providing artists-in-residence access to advanced technologies, including Mat Lab, 3D printers, thermoforming machines, laser cutters, water jets, and a 6-axis robotic arm.

“The selected artist will have the singular experience of total immersion in the natural world while leveraging the latest in cutting-edge digital technologies. My vision for this award is to provide an opportunity for artists to create work that could not be conceived in any other context,” says Marcello Dantas, Creative Director of SFER IK. 

The open call runs September 12 through November 17, 2023. Artists from all disciplines worldwide are encouraged to apply by submitting a proposal here. The winner will be announced during Miami Art Week. Their work will ultimately be showcased at SFER IK’s upcoming open-air museum in Tulum.
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