A Nissin "Cup Noodle Mop" Appears in Japan Basketball Association Tournament

Following Nissin‘s cup noodle-flavored sodas and mixed-flavored “Cup Noodle Super Combined” cup noodles, the Japanese food company has added a mop to its list of quirky innovations.

First unveiled in the recent Japan Basketball Association tournament, the Nissin “Cup Noodle Mop” caught audiences’ attention when staff members routinely wiped the floor to prevent basketball players from getting injured from slipping. The eye-catching mop consists of the classic Nissin noodle cup as the headband and a head full of noodle-like yarns, further decorated with Nissin’s signature meat, shrimp, and egg ingredients.

Stay tuned for more on the Nissin Cup Noodle Mop that has yet to be released and other peculiar Nissin offerings.

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