Will the Sussexes sell their Montecito mansion & move to Hope Ranch?

In the Duchess of Sussex’s cover profile in The Cut, the journalist Allison P. Davis is allowed into the Sussexes’ Montecito mansion, which Davis described in detail. The house sounds like it’s lovely, comfortable and sort of like it has the vibe of a high-end hotel. I came out of The Cut’s piece believing that Harry and Meghan liked the home a lot and they were happy to build their new lives there. But what if the Sussexes are looking to move to a different home in the elite Santa Barbara community of Hope Ranch? That’s the rumor! I can’t even blame the British press for this one, the rumor seems to have originated in the Santa Barbara News Press:

The buzz around town is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have either already purchased or are shopping for a very private estate in Hope Ranch, having determined that their Montecito mansion does not properly accommodate them.

[From The Santa Barbara News Press]

Hope Ranch is apparently about ten miles away from their Montecito home and from the photos, it seems like it’s more of a “nestled in the mountains” vibe, as opposed to ocean-adjacent. I’d rather be closer to the beach, but perhaps it’s a security thing – the Mail’s reporting mentioned that there have been break-ins in the Sussexes’ neighborhood, weird how the Mail knows all of that though. It could also be an amenities thing – from what I gather, Hope Ranch is some kind of gated community with a members-only country club, golf club, tennis courts and equestrian trails. According to the NY Post, homes in Hope Ranch can go for $22 million.

So do you think Harry & Meghan will move? LOL. What if they move somewhere with even more bedrooms and bathrooms and it’s more expensive? Hahaha the Mail’s editors will be frothing at the mouth. There will be all-caps headlines about the number of bathrooms. Anyway, the Sussexes’ Montecito home was a good investment and if they sold it, they would probably double their money. That being said, I bet you anything that Meghan simply likes to look at real estate and seeing what’s available in their area. Looking around doesn’t mean they’re buying or selling!

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Backgrid.

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