This Dermaplaning Tool Will Revolutionize Your Skin For Only $52.99

Skin is always in.

If smooth, beautiful skin eludes you, it’s time to get the StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Exfoliation Tool and give dermaplaning a try (you might have even seen it trending on Instagram lately). Perhaps you’ve tried everything you can to keep skin smooth and lovely, but maybe creams and lotions simply don’t work as well as you’d like. Dermaplaning can give you the boost and results you’ve been searching for.

Skin is our biggest organ, and facial skin often takes the brunt of the damage inflicted by pollution and sun damage. Hopefully, you wear sunscreen rain or shine (and if you don’t, you really should — try Sofia Richie’s favorite!), but even the most diligent sunblock users can still be affected by sun damage and the accelerated aging that results from it. Dermaplaning is a great way to help reduce this damage by removing dead skin cells and giving skin a vibrant, radiant look. Dermaplaning removes surface layers of the skin (and peach fuzz!) to reveal the newer skin beneath. It can help treat both signs of aging and acne.

StackedSkincare’s Dermaplaning Exfoliation Tool is aesthetician developed for at-home use. It involves a sterile single edge blade to safely remove the buildup of dead skin cells. Skin thus appears smoother, feels softer, and looks more even-toned. Even pores are cleared of congestion and blackheads. Dermaplaning tricks the skin into thinking it’s been injured, which in turn boosts collagen production. Dermaplaning also helps skincare products like anti-aging lotions and serums absorb and penetrate more readily into your skin. This essentially means that these products (which are often rather expensive!) will be more effective. Even makeup will go on smoother!

To Use: Beginning at the top of the cheekbone near the hairline, hold your skin taut, and gently glide the tool towards your nose using short strokes. Continue until you have gone over your entire cheek and jaw. Repeat these light strokes on the chin, above the lips, and on the forehead. Use about once a week and change your blade every month.

Enjoy better-looking, healthier skin ASAP by ordering the StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Exfoliation Tool for $52.99 (Reg. $75), saving 29% off! Don’t miss out!

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