The Game Throws Back Bra Fan Tossed Onstage, the Anti-Drake Move

The Game is the anti-Drake … at least when it comes to collecting bras from well-endowed women at his shows.

The rapper was in the middle of an O.C. performance when a woman in the crowd tossed a very large red bra on stage, and he stopped the show to make it clear … he’s no Drake, so please keep your lingerie to yourself!

Check out the video … The Game tells fans at the Garden Grove Amphitheatre whoever threw the bra on stage isn’t about to have their life changed like the Drake fan who is now getting modeling deals.

As he tosses the bra back into the crowd, The Game jokes … “I don’t be doing no tricking!!!”

Of course, The Game is referencing the recent phenomenon at Drake concerts, where women keep bombarding the stage with their bras, much to Drake’s amusement.

The Game’s not a complete hater though — he offered a compliment to the owner of the red bra, telling her she clearly has very “suck-able” assets. Not the most PC remark … but a brutally honest one, far as Game’s concerned!!!

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