Sophia Bush Dating A Woman! US Soccer Star Ashlyn Harris – Who Also JUST Filed For Divorce!

The plot thickens!

We’ve been wondering what the heck happened to make Sophia Bush all of a sudden file for divorce from her husband of just one year, longtime friend Grant Hughes. It really came out of nowhere, with the separation date coming just two weeks after their first anniversary — and a gushing Instagram post Sophia wrote about him.

Now we know one thing at least. Less than four months later the One Tree Hill alum has moved on. And with someone a bit unexpected.

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According to a bombshell report in People on Tuesday, Sophia is dating none other than Ashlyn Harris! You might know Ashlyn as a former member of the US National Women’s Team, making her one of the top soccer players in the world! And yes… a woman, as you may have noticed! A first for Sophia so far as we know!

A member of their social circle told the outlet:

“After being friends for years, and running in the same social circles, Sophia and Ashlyn went out on their first dinner date a couple of weeks ago. This is so recent, and they are both beginning new chapters.”

Beginning new chapters! That’s the truth!

Not only is Sophia going through a divorce, so is Ashlyn! She’s been married to teammate and fellow World Cup winner Ali Krieger for nearly four years after knowing one another for 13. They share two kids together. But seemingly out of nowhere (sound familiar?) Ashlyn filed for divorce in September. That only just became public last week as ESPN saw the public court docs from Seminole County, Florida.

The source also assured People “there is no salacious story” and there hasn’t been any overlap as the soccer stars actually split up a long while back:

“Although it’s new information to the public, Ashlyn and Ali’s divorce began months ago and they have been living apart since the summer.”

Since the summer… The same summer when Sophia listed her separation date from Grant. Wow.

Did the Chicago PD star leave her husband to be with Ashlyn?? Did the soccer star leave Ali for Sophia?? Or did they already know one another but happen to get together only after each had split from their respective spouses? So many questions… What do YOU think of this new couple??

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