Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Has Alfie beaten cancer?

Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Has Alfie beaten cancer?


Linda’s ginormous new bun first appeared on Halloween, when one could be forgiven for thinking her hair had been spooked into standing on end. 

Thankfully, it’s back to semi-normal proportions now, along with a new outfit. After a long period of being the Big Purple One from the Quality Street collection (and, at times, the entire tin), she appears to have settled for being the pink fudge.

Alfie turns to her (unsurprising – it’s hard to miss her) as a friend when he returns from Spain, and they set off for the hospital for his prostate cancer test results. 

Kat tears into him for his disappearing act but softens when he reveals the truth. Ah, The Troof. That fing that the EastEnders do not do too well. 

Alfie turns to Linda as a friend when he returns from Spain, and they set off for the hospital for his prostate cancer test results

After revealing The Troof to Tommy, Alfie informs Phil he has no interest in telling Kat about Phil’s fling with Emma. I doubt that’ll stay quiet for long. The Troof will aht.

The police are having a busy time of late, and gossip is rife when Kaffy is arrested for what the cops believe is her involvement in the fire at the cafe. 

Seriously? The woman can barely fry a bit of bacon without having a breakdown; arson is way out of her league. 


Does the return of twisted Dean Wicks to Walford mean he might be the Christmas corpse? 

‘I’m not giving away any clues,’ says Matt Di Angelo (Dean), who raped Linda in 2014. Damn.

She refuses to have a solicitor, and who can blame her; Walford’s lawyers couldn’t defend a Chihuahua at Crufts. 

Where’s Phil’s solicitor Ritchie when you need her? After hours of questioning, Kaffy starts to regret her decision. 

Give Coronation Street a call; they have lawyers coming out of their ears, and Adam and Dee-Dee always have time on their hands.

As Cindy continues to blame everyone for what has happened, Ian wonders what the point of them being together is. Join the club. We’ve all been wondering that for months. 

It’s clear there’s still a spark between Cindy and George but is Cindy back to square one when Anna catches her out being economical with The Troof once more. You see? Here we go again.

Be prepared for laughs when Reiss discovers that Sonia was once imprisoned for murder. Murdering the trumpet more like.


Essays were never Amy’s strength, but then being the offspring of Steve and Tracy, she was never going to be a high-flier. Now, she’s putting her coursework to one side in order to help Kate from the drop-in session. 

When Steve sees Amy making placards for the anti-spiking march, he tells Summer that he wishes Amy would focus on her degree. A fat lot of good Summer will be – a woman who cheated on her exams and destroyed her big chance. 

It gets worse for Amy when she’s arrested for criminal damage on a cop’s car. Putting her coursework aside again, she heads to a nightclub where she plays guardian angel to a vulnerable woman. 

When Steve sees Amy (pictured) making placards for the anti-spiking march, he tells Summer that he wishes Amy would focus on her degree 

But what’s she up to with Dan, who spiked the woman’s drink? Get back to your desk, Amy; this isn’t going to end well.

Are there no hotels other than the Chariot Square within a 30-mile radius of Weatherfield? The ubiquitous establishment returns yet again with Asha and Nina’s date. 

Asha is horrified to spot Courtney and Darren (of course they’re there; where else is there to go?), little knowing that her brother Aadi’s great romance is over.

Amy has a run-in with a police car

A peaceful march. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, alas, for Corrie’s Amy, who loses it big time. 

‘Amy can only see red because she’s seeing a police officer fail to help her again,’ says Elle Mulvaney (Amy). 

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, when Amy picks up a can of paint and sprays it over the officer’s car. 

‘It was fun,’ says Elle. ‘A lot of people commented on how good I was at it, which is worrying.’


Chloe gets her man after shock collapse…

Will it be happy ever after for Mack and Charity? When he lies down in front of her car to prevent her from going to Scotland (it makes a change from shoving someone into a car boot), they declare their love.

Not so fast, Mack; next job on the list is to break Chloe’s heart. Is the dumping announcement delayed when Chloe collapses, or is it the cause? 

It’s clear at the hospital that Chloe is going to cling to Mack – literally and metaphorically – no matter what. I’ve seen less possessive limpets in rock pools.

Taken to the hospital after collapsing, Chloe shows no signs that she’s ready to let Mack go 

Bernice is on the run, the culprit behind a fraudulent £20k debt that sees Jimmy and Nicola’s belongings seized. Hmmm. I’m not sure that what they own would cover 20 quid, let alone £20k. 

When Nicola finally tracks down her sister, what reason will Bernice give for the fraud? And what is the ultimatum Nicola delivers?

Rhona is also dealing with a theft when Marlon tells her that Gus stole her embryos. It’s not exactly the Great Train Robbery, but Rhona is understandably upset. 

But during an altercation, Lucy’s waters break and it’s up to Rhona to drive her to the hospital.

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