‘So annoying!’ Kaleb Cooper left fuming after Jeremy Clarkson’s latest farming error

Kaleb Cooper discusses behind the scenes of Clarkson’s Farm

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Jeremy Clarkson and tractor driver Kaleb Cooper have become a beloved duo thanks to the eight episodes of Amazon series Clarkson’s Farm. The pair were known for their disagreements on the former’s less conventional farming methods.

Now it seems the farming issues have been continuing after filming stopped.

This comes after Kaleb shared a picture of Jeremy’s handiwork on the farm.

A few weeks ago, he posted a photo of a broken gate on his social media page, before tagging Jeremy in the caption.

Kaleb penned: “It was all going so well until someone decided they didn’t like the gate anymore.

“Wonder who that was @jeremyclarkson1.”

However, it wasn’t long before The Grand Tour host swiftly avoided Kaleb’s accusation in the comments.

Instead, the petrol head simply responded: “So annoying.”

Fans were quick to weigh in about the mishap as several pointed out it might have something to do with Jeremy’s huge Lamborghini tractor.

One penned: “It’s the consequence when you have a Lamborghini R8 Tractor.”

A second wrote: “Gerald is on the payroll for a reason.

“Have him give a discussion of mending the fence.” (sic)

While a third added: “Are you keeping a tally of the number of fences he has ruined?

“I think it should be a betting pool for the fans at the end of the season…..”

This isn’t the first time the pair have clashed over the past few weeks.

As some viewers might remember, Kaleb advocated for straight lines when they were discussing using tramlines on the show.

The experienced farmhand explained this was because otherwise, their farm would become a local laughing stock.

However, Jeremy wasn’t always the best at keeping to his designated lines in the fields.

Posting about this recently on social media, he made a joke about his struggles.

In view of his 3.9 million followers, Jeremy shared a photo of a unique version of tramlines.

Taken from a Spanish farmer, this featured the lines arranged like a racing track.

Jeremy captioned the post: “Looks like I have an opposite number in Spain.”

However, it wasn’t long before Kaleb also weighed in with his thoughts on the move.

He replied: “How is that even possible!! Imagine spraying that filed. (sic)

“If you did that there would be war!”

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