Sinead O’Connor Talks About Humanity in Her Final Social Media Post

The singer turned outspoken human rights activist, who was found dead on July 26, lamented about her despair over humanity in her final post on her social media account.

AceShowbizSinead O’Connor‘s final social media messages were about her despair over humanity. The singer turned outspoken human rights activist, found dead on Wednesday, July 26, in London after moving back to the capital for the first time in 23 years, had told fans she was being targeted by a “violent” female stalker in the days leading up her to her death.

In resurfaced tweets she also told her fans, “Just remember … if humans weren’t a**holes we’d all be in heaven ; )”. Days earlier, she posted a tweet of a poster of a screaming woman with the message, “I’m trying to see things from your point of view but I can’t shove my head up my a***.”

It appears Sinead also had an official account on Instagram, but her last message there seems to be more than six years ago. She said, “Love the life you have and be grateful for what you are!!!”

Sinead tweeted on July 12 about being tracked by a fixated female fan, “There is one stalker. Female. Violent: again, NEVER engage with anyone claiming they know me without asking my management.”

One of her followers responded, “Yes, I was contacted by someone purporting to be you. Didn’t sound like you, was looking for an email address so I could join a VIP group to get tickets.”

Days later Sinead also warned fans about a man she believed to be targeting her followers. She tweeted, “Also a warning, previously an extremely disturbed male sexual predator pretended to be me on Twitter. Please never engage with anyone claiming to be any celeb, without confirming they are who they say. This can be achieved by contact with their management.”

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