Shirtless Keanu Reeves Has a Blast During Yacht Party in Italy

Making the most out of his vacation in Capri, Italy, the ‘John Wick’ actor is captured on camera having a glass of champagne with a group of friends, including his sister Kim.

AceShowbizKeanu Reeves apparently made the most out of his vacation in Italy. On Tuesday, August 1, the “John Wick” actor was caught on camera going shirtless and having a blast during a yacht party with a group of friends.

In pictures making their rounds online, the 58-year-old Hollywood star was seen having a good time as he went for a boat ride in Capri. He was accompanied by a number of pals as well as his sister Kim. In one photo in particular, he was seen having a conversation with Kim.

Another picture captured “The Watcher” actor wearing nothing aside from a pair of swim trunks in beige color while joyfully hosing himself off from above his head. Smiling widely, he sat down on the edge of a boat.

The partner of Alexandra Grant was also spotted going for a dive in the sparkling blue water. He was later pictured with a smile on his face as he broke the surface from under the water. He additionally was seen treating himself to a glass of champagne as he was caught on camera pouring the liquid to a glass.

Keanu appeared to have set aside time in between his busy schedule preparing for his new projects with his band Dogstar. Back in mid-July, his band announced that they will be releasing a single. “We are so excited to re-introduce Dogstar with our new single ‘Everything Turns Around’, ” his band said in a statement.

“It feels like a fun summer song to us. It has an uplifting message and a positive vibe that hopefully makes your day a little bit lighter. It’s one of our favourite songs to play live and can’t wait to share it on our upcoming tour,” his band went on to explain.

Dogstar, which consists of Keanu, Robert Mailhouse, Bret Domrose and Gregg Miller, is also set to release their first album since 2000. Its upcoming LP would be titled “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees”.

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