Roger Federer announces his retirement, his final event will be Laver Cup

If you follow tennis, you’ve probably been missing Roger Federer a lot over the past three years. Roger got injured in the 2019 season, but he put off having knee surgery until 2020, around the start of the pandemic, actually. He missed more than a full year, then made a brief comeback in 2021, where he promptly re-injured himself at Wimbledon on the slippery grass. He spent the rest of 2021 and 2022 having surgeries and rehabbing and trying out different things. Recently, the rumor mill was in overdrive because after a successful rehab, doctors apparently found more fluid in Roger’s knee. I think that was probably it – he’s done with the surgery-and-rehab cycle. He’s 41 years old, rich as hell and he wants to spend more time with his four kids. So Roger announced his retirement. His last event will be Laver Cup, an exhibition tournament he created, which will be played in London next week. Here’s Roger’s announcement:

With Love,

— Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) September 15, 2022

What I find remarkable is that he’s not going to retire in Switzerland, at the tournament in Basel. I think that alone speaks to the fact that his body is hurting and he simply wants to pull the plug on his career immediately. We knew it was coming this year or next, but tennis fans hoped he would be able to play Wimbledon at least one more time. But as Roger says, he’s happy he made the decision and now he gets to enjoy his life with his wife and kids. And his piles of money.

I also think it’s amazing for tennis history that Roger stood back and watched Serena Williams’ amazing final run at the US Open and he decided to go out with one final bang like that at Laver Cup. It’s been less than two weeks since Serena played her final match – it’s incredible that these two GOATs are going out together, within a month of each other.

serena williams
roger federer

— enrico maria riva (@enricomariariva) September 15, 2022

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