Ricki Lake Finds New Love During Covid-19 Walk

The former ‘Hairspray’ actress feels very luck as she reveals she met her ‘amazing’ boyfriend when she went on a hike during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz -Actress and TV personality Ricki Lake is glowing after finding love on a COVID walk.

The “Hairspray” star reveals an “acquaintance” stranger she met on a hike has become her latest boyfriend – and she still can’t believe her luck.

“It’s all a miracle… I found love during COVID,” she gushed on “Good Morning America” as she chatted about her new man, Ross. “He is amazing.”

“I went on a COVID walk and I ran into an acquaintance and he said, ‘Are you single?’ and I said, ‘Yes.’ I am so happy.”

“I lost my husband to mental illness and suicide almost four years ago and I never ever thought I’d find true love again. I consider myself a very lucky woman.”

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Lake’s ex-husband, Christian Evans, passed away in February, 2017.

Back in early 2020, Ricki Lake opened up about her struggle with depression due to hair loss that she suffered for “most of [her] adult life.”

“It has been debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing, lonely, all the things,” she claimed. “There have been a few times where I have even felt suicidal over it. Almost no one in my life knew the level of deep pain and trauma I was experiencing. Not even my therapist/s over the years knew my truth.”

The actress explained that her hair issues started when she played Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray.” “They triple-processed and teased my then healthy virgin hair every two weeks during filming,” she said, adding that her locks were “never the same” after that.

Various factors in her life added further to her hair falling out, as she explained, “I believe my hair loss was due to many factors, yo-yo dieting, hormonal birth control, radical weight fluctuations over the years, my pregnancies, genetics, stress, and hair dyes and extensions.”

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