Rick Ross Car Show a Huge Success, Even Fayette County Says So

Rick Ross‘ 2nd annual car show was a huge success … and that’s not only coming from the thousands of folks in attendance but Fayette County officials, who were initially reluctant about the whole thing.

Fayette County staff tell TMZ … Ricky Rozay’s event planners did a great job communicating with officials, and working with the county to make sure the event went on as smoothly as possible.

Now, that’s not to say everything was perfect. We’re told there were about 19 medical emergencies during the show, but EMS personnel were on site to help.

Four of those people were transported to a hospital, and only 1 case wound up being serious.

Our sources say the Fire Marshal made sure Rick and co. were meeting code, and the Health Department checked on food vendors — everything passed with flying colors. Also, sheriffs were on hand for added security during the event.

We’re told, even the traffic was also a whole lot better compared to last year’s nightmare at the event.

You’ll recall, Fayette County initially rejected Rick’s permit to have the car show, saying it wasn’t in compliance with zoning ordinances.

County officials also said last year’s inaugural show went down without their approval — despite being a huge success in Rick’s eyes — and they didn’t want a repeat of that.

Of course, Da Boss wound up getting a permit with some strict guidelines for the massive event held on his massive Promised Land estate in Fayetteville.

Turned out to be another one for the books … with a ton of celebs and other folks coming out as RR hit the stage and showed off a range of whips and vendors on his property.

Safe to say Rick’s hitting his Money Dance right about now!!!

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