PETA Calls for Investigation Into Doc Antle Following Chris Brown’s Daughter’s Visit

In an Instagram video, Royalty is seen playing and swimming with Bubbles, one of the elephants, during her visit to Myrtle Beach Safari with her mom Nia Guzman.

AceShowbiz -PETA’s attention was on Doc Antle and his Myrtle Beach Safari after Chris Brown‘s daughter Royalty paid a visit. According to a new report, the animal rights organization dubbed the visit reckless and illegal.

In an Instagram post which was published earlier this month, Royalty was seen playing with Bubbles, one of the elephants. The 7-year-old, who visited Myrtle Beach Safari with her mother Nia Guzman, was swimming with the animal. She also swam with a couple tiger cubs, with a video.

“Living the dream! #SaveTheTigersSaveTheWorld,” Royalty’s page wrote in the action. “We love what you are doing @docantle thank you for these memories!”

TMZ reported that PETA sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday, August 24. It asked USDA to investigate Doc’s South Carolina operation as it considered the act as a breach of the Animal Welfare Act.

Antle, meanwhile, responded to PETA’s accusations in a statement to the news outlet, noting that it wasn’t the first time for PETA to do the same thing. The organization allegedly did the same when Lil Pump visited the safari.

“Just a huge waste of time and resources for the federal veterinarians who have to check out these erroneous allegations,” Antle shared. ‘We are in no ways in violation of the animal welfare act. We have continuously perfect inspections. We are well aware of the USDA protocols to conduct this type of filming.”

He continued, “Rest assured that we are in full compliance with all federal and state regulations. USDA is our partner in animal welfare and we share a passion and commitment to providing the highest possible care for our animal ambassadors at the preserve.”

As for USDA, its representative told the outlet that they are currently “looking into” PETA’s allegations against Antle.

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