NBA Finals Game 4 Draws Huge Celebs in Miami

The Miami Heat are on the ropes in the NBA Finals, but their celeb turnout is still top-seeded in the league … right up there with legendary LA Lakers Showtime.

Lil Wayne, Conor McGregor, G-Eazy, Chris Tucker and J. Balvin filed into the primo seats at Miami’s Kaseya Center.

McGregor actually got some playing time — not in the game, which the Denver Nuggets won — but he was part of the center court entertainment. The UFC legend squared off with the Heat mascot Burnie … and earned a one-punch W.

Some other famous fans in the crowd included Odell Beckham Jr., Flo Rida, Forest Whitaker, Neymar, Ozuna and Paul Pogba.

The Nuggets are up 3-1, and can clinch the NBA Championship Monday night in Game 5. Denver has its work cut out … when it comes to topping Miami’s famous fan lineup.

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