Nazi Cult Members 'Ritualistically Sacrificed' The Delphi Girls?! See Murder Suspect Defense's WILD Theory Of Case!

Well, we guess we now know the defense Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen will be going with. He’s blaming cultists for the murders!

The 51-year-old was charged just last year for the 2017 murders of 14-year-old LibertyLibbyGerman, and 13-year-old AbigailAbbyWilliams. After a half-decade of dead ends, the local photo tech was finally fingered as the monster who brutally murdered the teen girls.

Thus far prosecutors have been rather tight-lipped about the evidence that led them to make the bust. But Allen pleaded not guilty right away, and his defense made it clear they wanted the probable cause affidavit on the crimes unsealed. This could be why. In a new filing this week, they’re saying the evidence points elsewhere!

The defense challenged the validity of the search warrant in what’s called a Franks motion. In a massive 136-page doc they claim “omitted or false statements were made knowingly or intentionally or with reckless disregard” in order to get a warrant to search their client’s property. Therefore they “will be asking for the search warrant to be deemed illegal and the fruits of the illegal warrant to be suppressed.”

WTF did the cops find when they searched? Must be incriminating if they need it to be suppressed to get the case thrown out!

Innerestingly, the defense says “the evidence strongly supports an organized pagan cult as being the killers.” Huh??

Yes, they seem to be building a case that the murders — details of which have been kept quiet, presumably because they were so horrific — were more likely the work of a white nationalist group known as the Odinists. These are apparently neo-Nazi a-holes who have their own twisted version of Norse mythology. The filing says:

“Members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists, ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German.”

Allen’s attorneys pointed out that the investigation did look into Odinism early in the case:

“Very early on, those in charge of the Delphi murder investigation claim that they consulted with a Purdue professor concerning what resembled possible Odinism signatures left behind at the crime scene.”

What signatures? The filing claims:

“Evidence supports that at the crime scene, these murdering Odinites left behind obvious signatures, symbols in the form of runes. These runes were (1) formed with sticks, (2) fashioned with tree branches and (3) painted using the blood of Liberty German.”

The filing says in a “ghoulish” scene, the girls’ bodies were surrounded by sticks “intentionally placed in a very specific and arranged pattern.” Oh god, how horrifying! They say one such “rune” found at the scene resembled an “F.” That could be a Fehu, which looks like and means “cattle” — but also represents wealth generally. THAT was found made from a 14-year-old’s blood? Whoa! No wonder a cult angle was investigated!

The lead was “essentially abandoned,” per the filing, because the professor told them they didn’t think there was enough of a link between what was at the scene and Odinism. But now that professor can’t be found? Huh.

Allen’s defense team disagrees, saying anyone could have figured out the connection between the symbols and Odinism — because the “stick configuration” of runes seems to spell out “Hail Odin”:

“With a simple google search, these runes would be identifiable as one of the many calling cards of this pagan religious cult.”

Another horrifying detail? There was apparently very little blood at the scene — with enough missing to be inexplicable. The defense argues it “may have saved the blood to be used in future rituals.” JFC.

The filing even mentions another suspect BY NAME — saying the man “posted on social media images mimicking the very runes at the crime scene.” They go so far as to say it’s “mind blowing” that this evidence was ignored by law enforcement.

Allen’s attorneys note their client “has zero connections to any pagan cults or pagan cultists” and was just “a patsy” who happened to be “arrested 26 days before an election.” Damn, they’re really going for it! We guess we’ll see if their take on the evidence makes any headway with the judge — and then in January, with the jury.

What do YOU think of this shocking theory, Perezcious sleuths??

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