Moment Bond girl Tanya Roberts partner discovered she's actually alive

Tanya Roberts’ long-term partner has revealed why he thought the Bond girl was dead.

The Hollywood star’s rep initially announced she had died after collapsing on Christmas Eve, however, on Monday it was confirmed she is still alive and in hospital.

Tanya’s boyfriend Lance O’Brien went to the hospital on Sunday after getting a call from doctors saying the actress was fading fast and it was going to end in her death, TMZ reports.

The publication claims he ‘went to the hospital, and as he sat in her room she opened her eyes and tried to grab on to him, but her eyes closed and she “faded.”’

Lance allegedly said he was ‘devastated and walked out of the room and then the hospital and never spoke with medical staff.’

Tanya’s rep Mike Pingell added Lance was at the hospital when he saw Tanya’s eyes closed and for some reason he thought she was dead so he left devastated.

Inside Edition has since released the moment during their interview with Lance when he found out from the hospital that Tanya was still alive.

Through tears, he informed the reporter: ‘The hospital’s telling me that she’s alive and they’re calling me from the ICU.

‘I’m so happy.’

In a statement previously shared with ABC News, Tanya’s rep had said: ‘I’m devastated. I’ve been friends with Tanya for over 20 years.

‘She was full of boundless energy and we always had the best times. She was truly an Angel and I will miss her so so much.’

O’Brien added: ‘Tanya and I have never been apart. This is too much to handle. Her animals are lost without her and so am I.

‘As I held her in her last moments, she opened her eyes. I was able to see her beautiful eyes one last time. Tanya had the most beautiful eyes.’

Tanya is best known for playing Julie Rogers in Charlie’s Angels in 1980, lasting on the show for one season alongside Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith, before the show’s cancellation.

In 1985, she became a Bond Girl to Roger Moore’s James Bond, starring as Stacey Sutton in action classic A View To A Kill.

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