Meghan Markle's Old Froyo Shop Sees Biz Boom, Gets Own Flavor With Harry

Meghan Markle‘s frozen yogurt shop shoutout is bringing a business boom to her first employer … and now she’s getting honored with her own special flavor.

Meghan mentioned her first job during her interview with Oprah, she says she served froyo at Humphrey Yogart in Los Angeles when she was 13 years old, and now the place is getting overrun with customers.

Check out the scene at the last remaining Humphrey Yogart … there’s a huge line, and we’re told the shop served more than 200 folks the day after Meghan’s interview aired. We’re told a normal Monday sees 50 or so customers, so the Meghan bump is real.

Meghan didn’t even work at this location, tucked inside a Gelson’s grocery in Sherman Oaks, but that didn’t stop fans from taking pics in front of the stand and snatching up all the merch.

FYI … Meghan used to work at the Humphrey Yogart on La Cienega, which is now closed, just like every location aside from the original.

While the owners of Humprey Yogart tell us they don’t even remember Meghan working for them, they’re still honoring her and Prince Harry with their own limited-edition flavor, called “Banana Royale.”

The special flavor is a blended combo of banana and peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in … we’re told it’s inspired by Meghan’s love of chocolate chip banana bread and Harry’s love of PB&J.

It sounds tasty, but just be prepared to wait in line like everyone else.

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