Meghan Markle ‘likely to share picture of daughter Lilibet’ on her 40th birthday

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Meghan Markle may show a family photo with newborn Lilibet as part of her 40th birthday celebration in what would be the first sighting of the baby girl, according to royal experts.

Lilibet was born to Meghan and Prince Harry on the 4th of June but they haven’t shared photos of her since her birth.

While the pair had posed for photographs when working as members of the Royal family with their son Archie shortly after he was born, they’ve kept Lilibet private from royal fans.

Royal experts believe that Meghan’s 40th birthday tomorrow could be the ideal situation to share photos of the eight in line for the throne.

Phil Dampier, a Royal commentator, said to The Sun Online : "I think it's likely we will see a picture of the family.

"It wouldn't surprise me, if Meghan does release a pic of her with Lilibet to mark her 40th birthday, as they'll will want to emphasise what a happy family unit they are.

"And it will be interesting to see what messages she gets from the royals – I suspect they will post messages, even though in private they are very upset about was has happened."

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams backed up the idea, saying to The Sun: "The Sussexes are very unpredictable, but I think she will mark her 40th with something like a photo of Lili.

"I would expect something online, as they are very savvy about online posting, and their brand has a great many fans, and Meghan's 40th is a very big milestone."

But while Phil and Richard think this is the perfect moment for the family to show the world their strength with a photo, royal expert Adam Helliker thinks that a photo of the newbon could be in “bad taste”.

He said to The Sun it "would be slightly in bad taste, as it would be seen as helping to promote the Sussexes’ brand”.

Meghan and Harry were the first to break tradition when it comes to photography surrounding the birth of a new royal, having chosen not to stand on the hospital steps after Archie was born like Kate Middleton and Prince William had with their three children.

While Helliker thinks it may be in bad taste to release a photo, he wouldn’t surprised if they did, saying: “given the propensity for Harry and Meghan" to grab the limelight, I wouldn't be surprised if she released a photo of her with Lilibet to mark her 40th birthday".

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