Love Island’s Clarisse storms off after Tyler ends romance to pursue Kaz

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Love Island 's Clarisse Juliette was left reeling after learning that Tyler Cruickshank had strong feelings for Kaz Kamwi on Tuesday's episode of the ITV2 dating series.

After Kaz informed Tyler that the door to explore their romance was "open" during a candid chat, he decided to talk to Clarisse about the potential of exploring love elsewhere.

Tyler told her: "I can't just turn my feelings off for Kaz. I had a chat with her – nothing happened, I didn't kiss her. I just said it's her. You're still an amazing individual."

Fuming, Clarisse responded: "I can't lie, I don't even want to have this conversation. I knew this was going to happen. Why are you still kissing me, hugging me, being next to me?"

Tyler said: "I can't really put time stamps on it. I still wanted to get to know you fully. I just can't shake that feeling with her."

Telling him that she wished he hadn't coupled up with her, Clarisse told Tyler: "It's cool. I just wish you didn't bring me back here. I could be at home right now."

When Tyler mentioned that he still found her "attractive", Clarisse told him: "I don't give a f**k. You do your thing, enjoy yourself."

Upset, Clarisse then took off her high heels and stormed off while Kaz and the other girls looked on in the distance.

During Kaz's earlier chat with Tyler, she told him that the "little feelings" she has for him was keeping the door open between them.

When Tyler made it clear that he wanted to pursue her, Kaz added: "Thank you for letting me know. It's up to you to open that door. I'm going to keep getting to know him [Matthew]. Are you up for the challenge? You're quite competitive."

Meanwhile, word got round to Kaz's partner Matthew MacNaab that Kaz still had feelings for Tyler, and he went to confront her.

"I think you should have told me first, to be honest. Being told through Tyler is not ideal."

Kaz replied: "'I didn't purposefully say I'm going to leave Matt in the dark. You told me things aren't that deep between us, Matt."

A furious Matthew responded: "I said it's early days. You know what, I need to cool down because you're p*****g me off."

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