Love Island fans ‘see future’ for Whitney and Sammy despite pasta mash horror

Love Island fans spotted a potential twist in couples during tonight's instalment, Wednesday 28 June, as Whitney Adebayo, 25, and Sammy Root, 22, appeared to have loads of banter during their cooking session.

The duo were tasked with whipping up a storm in the villa kitchen as the only two single islanders following Mal Nicol and Mehdi Edno's joint exit a day earlier.

But while the pair have only been friends since they arrived as bombshells part-way through the series, it seemed their connection could potentially blossom into something more.

As they surveyed a pile of ingredients for their "Tasty and Naughty" restaurant, Whitney asked her sous chef what he could cook.

Sammy was barely listening but he kept making jokes and playing around – at one point even explaining he wasn't sure how to cook spaghetti.

The south London star even suggested he would break the pasta in half, as Whitney giggled and cried "no" in dismay.

Fans quickly noticed how much fun the duo were having, despite the fact that Sammy's attempts to cook spaghetti ended up with a "disgusting" pasta mash.

Quickly taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, one person posted with shifty eye emojis: "Why am I kinda shipping Whitney and Sammy… #LoveIsland."

While another said: "These two are so funny together! #loveisland"

"With the way this episode is going, something is cooking up in itv's kitchen and it definitely isn't the pasta mash. #LoveIsland," another viewer guessed.

"What was that pasta Sammy boo, JAIL #loveisland" a fourth horrified viewer posted.

While another fan shared: "LOVE that whole part with Whitney and Sammy cooking for everyone, pasta mash. The casting this season is top notch, so many great personalities #LoveIsland."

With Whitney now single, she is stepping her flirting up a few notches, and even pulled Zachariah Noble, 25, for a chat at the end of the instalment.

While Sammy and Jess Harding, 22, ended up gravitating back towards each other after Mal's exit, as Jess told her former beau off for his culinary efforts.

"What was that pasta? It was disgusting!" she exclaimed, as Sammy burst into hysterics.

"The dessert though, did you like the dessert?" Sammy prompted, as Jess wondered if the sexy sundae was actually a result of his efforts.

As the pair enjoyed chatting and flirting once more, it seems Whitney will more than likely focus her attentions on Zach, especially as footballer Montel McKenzie, 25, is already getting close to 27 year old Leah Taylor.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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