Lizzie Cundy calls for Meghan Markle to ‘stop’ her Archetypes podcast

Lizzie Cundy sends personal message to Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle, 41, had an extended break from the Archetypes podcast to coincide with the period of royal mourning for Queen Elizabeth II after her death on September 8. As the podcast begins again today, Lizzie Cundy, 54, has slammed the Suits actress for “worrying” the royals each week with its contents, believing that the only way forward following the Queen’s death would be for her to “stop” the Archetypes podcast.

Does cause the family a lot of worry!

Lizzie Cundy

The nation was pleased to see Prince Harry and Meghan join the future King, Prince William, and his wife Kate Middleton in Windsor earlier this month to see tributes left for the late Monarch. asked Lizzie if she thought William’s extended olive branch of inviting the isolated pair to Windsor would slow down their criticism of the monarchy.

Lizzie replied: “I think something like this makes you realise that the problems you think are huge aren’t that big and are they really worth it?

“Hopefully it will make them all reflect and there will be a way forward.

“For me I think the way forward would be if Harry dropped the book and if Meghan stopped the podcast.

“As they’re all family and I think that would be the only way. But I do think there’s hope now which I didn’t have before as I thought it had gone too far,” she added.

Lizzie also hoped Meghan being welcomed with open arms would leave the former actress to be “reflective” over her future actions.

She continued: “I really hope that they are really reflective and take a look at the country in its joint mourning.

“I hope she can maybe take a look at the love she is getting from the country.

“She walked along the side at Windsor with kids giving her flowers and many hugging her.

“And if she could see the love from the country and the grief of the king and the family she may take a step back and think it’s not worth doing?

Lizzie went on: “I do think what was written in the Cut magazine two weeks before the Queen’s death and the podcasts do cause the family a lot of worry for the royals and the rest of the world.”

However, Meghan has not cancelled her podcast and a new episode is due to be released today.

The official Spotify page reads: “Regularly scheduled episodes will resume Tuesday, October 4.”

The long-awaited episode in question features comedian Margaret Cho and TV host Lisa Ling, who join forces to discuss “the complicated world of the trope known as the dragon lady.”

Throughout each episode, the Duchess engages in intimate conversations centred around gender-specific stereotypes and labels.

When in England, Harry and Meghan have their own private home to stay in, Frogmore Cottage, which is located within the Great Windsor Estate.

The pair, however, permanently live in Montecito, California, since stepping down as senior members of the royal family in 2020.

Lizzie is currently a patron for Victoria’s Promise, a charity empowering young women and their families through cancer and beyond.

The charity was founded in the name of Victoria, a young lady who died in January 2014.

Victoria’s Promise have teamed up with renowned artist ‘Penny Crayon NFT’ to launch their own collection of digital art, the first of its kind.

Speaking about Victoria’s Promise and the Promise Bears, Lizzie said: “Victoria always loved bears and this is just a wonderful, lovely way to fund the sort of vital services that Victoria’s Promise gives to those supporting other girls going through cancer.”

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