Kim Kardashian Made It Clear Her Joyce Bonelli Feud Is Over…4 Years Later

Hi, remember 2018? Barely in my brain either, but it was the fated year when the Kardashians got into a “feud” with their makeup artist / friend Joyce Bonelli. And four-years-later update! It looks like said feud is over, because Kim is out here posting Joyce’s products on Insta.

Real quick so we’re all on the same page here: A source told Us Weekly in June 2018 that “the family doesn’t speak to [Joyce] anymore” and that “she hasn’t worked for them for months.” The reason? “They didn’t see it as a right fit anymore.” Kay, sure, sounds amicable, but things were a little weird because the Kardashians stopped following Joyce on Instagram, and then she told Us Weekly, “I definitely have never been fired in my entire life. And something personal happened to me that I wasn’t OK with and that’s what happened.”

MEANWHILE, a source told People that Joyce allegedly “tried to go around [the Kardashians] on a deal so [they] wouldn’t make money off of it. They caught on and Kim stopped following her, but Khloé and Joyce remained amicable [until they severed ties also].”

Kay, that brings us to Kim’s Instagram circa right now, where she just made it clear that she and Joyce are currently on good terms. Or, at least on good enough terms for Kim to support her brand:

Glad everything worked out / this has been only slightly exhausting!

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