Kevin Costner’s ex Christine looks ‘angry’ after having ‘no choice’ in divorce

Christine Baumgartner was pictured for the first time running errands not far from her $40k-per month Montecito rental.

The former handbag designer has been spotted for the first time since officially closing her lengthy divorce with Kevin Costner.

Christine could be seen looking very stern and in a casual ensemble, including dark blue leggings, sneakers, and a grey tee.

Her appearance comes as Christine’s friend has come forward, claiming the designer had “no choice” but to settle the divorce, as the Yellowstone actor “had all the power”.

The source told the MailOnline: “Christine didn’t really have a choice but to settle because Kevin had all the power. Had she continued fighting, she would have risked losing everything.

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“Christine said it is what it is. That she won’t miss going to court and having sleepless nights. She said for the kids it’s a win because no child wants to go through this, let alone in public.”

The source added that it was reportedly Christine who wanted to settle things “out of court”, meaning she never wanted “any of this circus” that had come.

They concluded: “It’s been a living nightmare and now she just wants to move on and start fresh and begin making her new house a home.”

A joint statement provided to the MailOnline from the estranged couple read: “Kevin and Christine Costner have come to an amicable and mutually agreed upon resolution of all issues pertaining to their divorce proceedings.”

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According to TMZ, if Christine challenges the judgment “she will need to repay Kevin more than $1 million and pay his attorney fees for the prenup fight”.

Upon hearing this, the mother-of-three “agreed over the weekend to the terms of a three-page settlement letter”.

Kevin has had luck on his side regarding the divorce and will give less than half of what Christine currently gets in child support payments after the judge sided with the Hollywood actor.

His legal team, headed by Laura Wasser, won a series of legal court dates, particularly in the child support department.

The Bodyguard star must give Christine $63,000 each month for their three children – after she originally asked for a staggering $248,000.

Prior to this, the former handbag designer had been getting $129,000 in temporary support.

The estranged couple share sons Cayden, 15, and Hayes, 14, as well as daughter Grace, 12, and was married since 2004.

Following the child support cut, Christine asked for a whopping $885,000 to cover legal fees in the latest update on the former couple’s divorce proceedings.

Since the divorce has been settled there has been no mention of this request, so it appears to be off the table.

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