Kaley Cuoco Gifted Sharon Stone a Mug With Their Photos Before They Met

When Kaley Cuoco learned that Sharon Stone was part of the cast of The Flight Attendant season 2, she came up with an idea to get a personalized gift to welcome the new cast member. Cuoco said she had to research Stone’s needs in order to get the ideal gift for her. Cuoco was able to give her “mother” a perfect gift even before meeting her.

Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone Roles in The Flight Attendant

Cuoco plays the main character, Cassie Bowden, in the hit HBO Max series The Flight Attendant where she is depicted as an irresponsible flight attendant with alcohol addiction. Sharon Stone was brought in the second season as the estranged mother to face her daughter Cassie Bowden. 

“So when I heard Sharon was going to do our show, I read the things that she needs in her dressing room, and she had mentioned she loves coffee and it’s very important that she has a coffee mug,” Cuoco added. “And I was like, ‘this is my moment, oh my god, this is it.’” Cuoco did not just opt for an ordinary mug to present to her on-screen mother. 

Given that Stone was joining to play Lisa Bowden who is the mother to Cassie Bowden, Kaley and her assistant decided to personalize a mug as a gift to help Sharon Stone get comfortable and feel welcomed. This would make an ideal present to give her on-screen mother.

The obstacle in designing the gift

However, one obstacle stood in the way. The Big Bang Theory cast member and Stone had not met before, which meant they had not taken photos together. According to Insider, Cuoco not having met Sharon Stone before did not stop her from thinking about how she would give a personalized gift to Stone.

“We took our heads and put them next to each other,” she notes, and the results ended up looking like a mother and daughter pictured in the mall. Cuoco adds that she was so excited to present the gift to Stone and that she loved the gift.

The two eventually met, with Cuoco getting a warm hug from Stone, who referred to her as “her girl” without mentioning the mug. Cuoco got nervous and worried that Stone had hated the mug. However, that idea turned out to be superb. Stone later told Cuoco that she forgot to tell her about the gift she had made for her during their first meeting. Stone also commended the actor on how “brilliant” the idea was.

‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2

The Flight Attendant season 2 presents a drastic turn of events for Casey, played by Cuoco. Already, we are privy to the information that she will finally be able to meet her mother, who lives soberly in Los Angeles. Cuoco informed fans that they should expect “an exciting and probably a little crazy” second season of The Flight Attendant while HBO talks of a new adventure.

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