Kaley Cuoco Debuts New Romance! Already Instagram Official With THIS Hunky Netflix Star!

It appears Kaley Cuoco has a new boyfriend! And no, it’s not Pete Davidson, ya rom com conspiracy theorists!

The 36-year-old actress confirmed she’s dating actor Tom Pelphrey on Tuesday, going Instagram official with some adorable PDA pics. One snapshot showed the Ozark star planting a kiss on her cheek, while others featured them cuddling together during their mountain getaway in some Polaroid pics. She wrote in the caption:

“Life lately ‘the sun breaks through the clouds, rays of gold slipping into my eyes and heart, rays of yellow to break the grey’”



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Tom also shared the same Polaroid photos of him and Kaley on his own IG account. He wrote in the caption a quote “from Noah’s wall.”

But prepare yourselves for some top notch sweetness with this post! The 39-year-old Guiding Light alum expressed:

“‘But nothing can save you. Not your friends, not the best Fred Astaire musical you’ve ever seen- the grace of it, not your mother’s beauty, not a line from a letter you find at the bottom of a drawer, not a magazine or the next day. Nothing can save you. And you stand in the moonlight and a sweetness comes off the top of the trees, and the fence around the yard seals you off from the dark and you can’t breathe.’”

He continued:

“It is all so familiar and possible. It is too simple that there is this much good in the world and you don’t know how to have it. And it makes you wonder when it was you lost your place. Then you catch a breeze, so warm and ripe, it makes you hope that someone will come who also cannot save you, but who will think you are worth saving.”

Wow! The soul of a poet and the face of a soap star!


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The relationship news comes just 8 months after Kaley filed for divorce from Karl Cook back in September, after three years of marriage. Since then, The Flight Attendant star has been open about how difficult things have been post-split. She even wrote while celebrating her 36th birthday last year:

“Sometimes it’s okay to not feel totally okay. Even on ur bday.”

Things certainly seem to be looking up now! But don’t expect her to walk down the aisle again if she and Tom end up being in this relationship for the long haul! She previously told Glamour she does NOT plan on getting hitched again, saying:

“I would love to have a long-lasting relationship or a partnership. But I will never get married again. Absolutely not. You can literally put that on the cover. I do believe there is someone out there. I love love. I’m not someone that wants to be by myself. I just need to figure out my priorities a little bit and make sure now I know that I need to water that relationship. It’s like a plant. Sometimes I get too focused on the garden instead of the specific plant that needs to be watered. And I am well aware of that. I want to change, I want to be better.”

Let’s hope this is a man who knows how to water her! It certainly seems like it!

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