Julia Hartley-Brewer responds to Twitter backlash after not wearing face-covering on tube

Julia Hartley-Brewer grills Robert Jenrick on G7 Covid rules

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talkRADIO presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer has been known for sharing her thoughts throughout the global coronavirus pandemic, often slamming the government. Now, she has faced criticism after claiming she travelled across London’s underground network without a face covering.

On my tube home from work today, half of us in the carriage were not wearing masks (I assume they also claimed their legal exemption)

Julia Hartley-Brewer

Julia, 53, has aired her views on the restrictions that have dramatically changed the nation’s way of life since the UK plunged into a national lockdown in March 2020.

Despite some viewing her opinions as controversial, others have praised Julia who has said that “tens of thousands” of patients suffering from heart conditions as well as cancer appear to have been undiagnosed due to the changes to General Practitioner [GP] and hospital appointments.

Earlier this month, Julia flew into fits of rage after a GP said he believed the lockdown restrictions should “continue indefinitely until we have got rid of this retched bug”.

Instantly hitting back, Julia said: “May I ask do you just not have many friends and not live a very interesting life?”

Now, she has angered social media users after claiming to have travelled on the Transport for London system without wearing a face covering.

In view of her 308,500 Twitter followers, she penned: “On my tube home from work today, half of us in the carriage were not wearing masks (I assume they also claimed their legal exemption).

“We all exchanged cheery smiles and nods while the mask wearers looked wary and weary.

“Masks are doing untold damage to our society. #ImDone.”

Currently, those wishing to travel on public transport across the nation are required to wear a face-covering and socially distance where possible.

However, people who are exempt from wearing one may travel freely but those flouting the rules can face fines up to the sum of £6,400.

Julia’s followers appeared to disagree with her post, with one replying: “Strangely, I’ve just crossed central London on the Central and Victoria lines and 9 out of 10 wore masks. Nobody looked or acted any differently to pre-Covid times, just fewer people. TfL does ask you to wear a mask – why defy that common sense rule in a pandemic?”

The broadcaster stated that she is not “defying” the rules as she has an exemption.

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While a second added: “We agree on so much Julia, but on this, we disagree. I really can’t see how hard it is for some (I assume ‘some’ includes you), to wear a mask for a short period of time whilst in an enclosed place. This short moment could reduce the spread and subsequent hospitalisation of many.”

Before a third quipped: “No one has ever smiled at a stranger on the Underground. This is the most @_DHOTYA [Didn’t Happen Of The Year Award] tweet I’ve seen in a while.”

“It just comes across as a bit rude to not wear it when you are supposed to. I don’t want to wear mine but it’s a small thing to do,” said a fourth before Julia replied: “It’s not rude if you’re legally exempt.”

Earlier this month, Julia made a swipe at the current lockdown restrictions ahead of June 21, which had been set to be “Freedom Day”, meaning an end to restrictions, but was delayed due to the Delta variant.

She said: “I’ve done what I was told to do, I’ve worn my s***ing mask, I’ve washed my hands, I’ve stood two metres apart.

“We’ve tried everything and it’s still not enough and they’re still talking about a two-week delay to lifting lockdown.

“I’ve obeyed every rule. I’ve done everything. I’ve had the vaccine I’ve avoided family things I’ve stuck to everything, that’s it, now, I’m done.”

Currently, the UK is set to wave goodbye to restrictions on July 19, with the government continually checking data.

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