Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Feud With Trump, Opening For Judas Priest

Jon Bon Jovi has opened up about the alleged smear campaign against him that was orchestrated by former President Donald Trump in an effort to outbid him to purchase the Buffalo Bills.

The singer, who joined forces with Canadian investors, attempted to purchase the team in 2014 against fierce competition from Trump, who proceeded to hire political strategist, Michael Caputo, to instigate a smear campaign against the singer by spreading false rumors about Bon Jovi’s plans to move the team to Canada. He also created “Bon Jovi-free” zones in the area to aid the same cause against the singer.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 58-year-old shared that he was “really shocked at the depths [Trump] went to. He wasn’t even qualified to buy the team, because you have to submit your tax returns, and he never filed the paperwork.”

Bon Jovi also revealed that he had never listened to Judas Priest prior to touring with the band in 1986.

“I said: ‘I want a tour with the Cars and Bryan Adams and all these pop groups,'” said Bon Jovi, recalling a conversation he had had with his manager at the time. “And my manager said, ‘No. You’re going to learn how to play with Judas Priest and Kiss and the Scorpions.”

(Photo: Norman Jean Roy)

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