John Mayer Reveals How He Feels About His Famous Exes’ Music & Reflects on Being Katy Perry’s Plus One to Inauguration

John Mayer is opening up about appreciating the music created by some of his famous exes and wondering if any of their songs are written about him!

The 43-year-old musician was a recent guest on Andy Cohen‘s Sirius XM show Radio Andy and the pair discussed what it’s like to date other singers and listen to their music.

John‘s has dated a number of high-profile musicians over the years, including Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift. He revealed he was big fan of Taylor‘s song “Lover” in an Instagram live with Shawn Mendes back in 2019.

When Andy asked if he ever watched any of his ex-girlfriend’s performances, John replied, “I don’t believe that there’s anyone on the boogeyman list anymore. Because you know, when you have a recent ex, we got bogeyman vibes for everyone. I don’t believe I have any boogie people in my life at the moment.”

He added, “I don’t know that I’d watch a whole program. If someone were, if somebody were performing, I would definitely watch the performance. And, I enjoy, I enjoy watching it. Sometimes, I like, I’m a fan. Like I can watch and go like, nailed it.”

John also shared that he wonders if the music is about him.

“Sometimes I hope it’s about me,” he said. “Sometimes it’s a really good song. And I go and I listen sometimes. Yeah. I mean, I’ll, it’s not a, I don’t think it’s a dirty admission. I, sometimes a song is so good I go, ‘Man, I hope that’s about me.’”

The “New Light” singer also opened up about getting to be ex Katy Perry‘s plus one at Barack Obama‘s inauguration and at her Super Bowl performance.

“[I was] kind of going as the first gentlemen of Katy Perry,” John joked. “I know I’m good at what I do. I got no problem entering into someone else’s world. It’s her night.”

“That’s why a relationship like that can work because I know where my bread is buttered and it’s not,” he continued. “I know that it’s not like I was sitting there going like, ‘I sure hope they picked me for the Super Bowl.’ I’m never getting picked for the Super Bowl. I have no problem. I do a different thing.”

Watch the clips of Andy and John‘s interview below!

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