Jessica Simpson Is Over The Constant Scrutiny About Her Weight: ‘It Doesn’t Need To Be A Conversation’

Jessica Simpson is sick and tired of talking about weight – whether it be about hers or anyone else’s in the world!

Throughout her career, the 43-year-old singer has dealt with a ton of brutal criticism about her body. Fans most recently have been concerned about her being too skinny and even accused her of using the diabetes drug Ozempic to slim down ever since she posted a video of an advertisement she did with Pottery Barn. (FYI, she shut down that accusation.)

And now, the momma got real about her feelings over the ongoing remarks about her body online. In an interview with Access Hollywood on Friday, Jessica revealed that the scrutiny over her weight has been “very confusing” for her kids, as they “don’t understand” why the public has such harsh comments about her appearance to this day:

“Well now my kids have seen me being still scrutinized and it’s very confusing to them because they’re like, well I don’t even understand this like why don’t they just say you look pretty mom? You look pretty. And I’m like honey I really don’t I wish I could explain it. I wish I could say, for me it has gotten better but it still remains the same and I don’t know why but it’s okay.”

The Dukes of Hazzard actress noted she emphasizes with other women as she “has been every size” over the years, adding:

“I do understand every body, every woman, and their mentality and how deserving they are of fashion and style and it’s just such a natural thing for me so I have to like I tell my kids how you feel about yourself is how you should feel.”

After facing so much hate about her body for years, Jessica has been trying to teach her three children to ignore the outside noise and just be themselves. In fact, the artist said she doesn’t even “complain” about herself  or diet in front of them. Instead, they just see her “living a healthy lifestyle.” Love that. She also shared with the outlet that she’s told her kids “you don’t dress for anybody else” and that “you don’t try to look like anybody else” no matter what:

“Truly you don’t need to be anybody size. Maxwell is the tallest in her grade and she’s like, ‘Should I be insecure?’ I’m, like, the fact that you’re asking me if you should be insecure means absolutely not. You’re comfortable, you stay comfortable, you be you and I think that more than weight that people have focused on we need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight.”

Jessica then added:

“I think it just doesn’t need to be a conversation.”

Say it louder for everyone to hear, gurl! You can watch her interview (below):

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