Jeremy Allen White: ‘Deep-dish pizza is disgusting… it’s so doughy’

Jeremy Allen White was profiled in a recent issue of InStyle. The photos are HOT. Like, I totally understand why people are thirsting for JAW right now. The man has that I-know-it-when-I-see-it sexual charisma. These days, people are all about JAW because of The Bear, the FX/Hulu series where he plays a hot, damaged, grieving chef who takes over his late brother’s sandwich shop in Chicago. The phrase “sexually competent dirtbag” has been thrown around a lot, although JAW’s lead character is not banging anyone (yet). Some highlights from his InStyle profile:

He’s not paying attention to all of the online thirst: “I don’t have a lot of online presence. I have Instagram. I don’t have Twitter. I don’t have any Google alerts set on anything or anybody, certainly not myself.”

He’s fine with the attention: “I am grateful. I love to act. I’m so lucky I get to do it as often as I do. I know that people watching your work is an important part of continuing to get to act, but it was never really a goal of mine to have a really big following.”

His character isn’t a scumbag: “I’m trying to differentiate: Who do people think Carmy is, and who do people think Carmy looks like? Because I’ve seen a lot of this scumbag stuff, but I don’t think Carmy is a scumbag at all. My heart really broke for him. [Carmy]’s obviously gone through this really traumatic thing right before you meet him, which made him interesting. I realized that Carmy’s identity was just completely wrapped up in being a chef and being really successful at it. And, I don’t know, that made the rest of his life very lonely. He’s got tattoos, and his hair’s greasy, but I don’t think that necessarily makes a person a scumbag.”

His wife & two daughters: “I learn a lot from them. I feel like in a lot of ways, they’re teaching me all the time how to be better: how to be better to them; how to be better to my wife, my friends, my parents, my sister. I think I’ve been ready to domesticate for a long time, and I’m so happy to be in the house all the time with them.”

His hummingbird tattoo: “When I found out that my wife and I were pregnant…she called me because she wanted to just tell me right away. We had just moved into our house in Los Angeles, and I was sitting in the backyard to have a little rest. And there was this really old tree sitting in the corner, with a hummingbird nest in it. The tree was dead, but the nest looked like it had been there for a long time. As my wife was telling me we were pregnant, my eyes were just on this hummingbird darting around the whole time. So, I got a little hummingbird for Ezer, our oldest daughter.”

His celebrity crush: “Forever it’s been Natalie Portman.”

What he & his wife watch: “I think everything that we are into now is pure escape, like Million Dollar Listing, the Housewives, all that stuff. But we watched Severance, which was more highbrow, I guess, which we really loved.

Chicago-style hotdog or deep-dish pizza? “Deep-dish pizza is disgusting. That’s the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s so doughy. Get it out here. I don’t need it.”

[From InStyle]

Obviously, this interview was conducted before he and his wife split up. Knowing what we know now, it feels like he’s making an effort to sound “domesticated.” For an actor, I bet reality programming is nice because you just get to turn your brain off and watch mindless drama. And Severance was really good! Also: I don’t think people were saying that JAW’s character was or is a “scumbag.” Scumbag is not the same as dirtbag. “Scumbag” means a bad person. Someone can be a dirtbag and still have some redeeming qualities.

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