Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Spinal Procedure: Pray For Me, Y’all!

It might shock you to hear this, but Jenelle Evans is not exactly well-liked.

More accurately, she’s a strong contender for the most despised reality star of all time.

But even Jenelle’s harshest critics don’t wish her any bodily harm (we hope).

So the news that Evans is currently hospitalized after undergoing spinal surgery has been met with a mixed response from the online community.

No one seems to be reveling in Jenelle’s misfortune, but many doubt that the situationis as serious as she’s making it out to be.

The reason for that, of course, is that Jenelle has established herself as a pathological liar.

During her years in the spotlight, Evans has lied about every single aspect of her life.

And since she’s not a particularly talented liar, she usually gets caught.

All of this is a long, insulting way of saying that on this occasion, we actually believe Jenelle’s story.

Based on what she’s posted online, it appears that Jenelle has recently undergone a series of medial procedures.

Is she exaggerating their severity in order to gain sympathy from her followers?

Did she undergo an unnecessary procedure so that she would have something mildly interesting to post to her TikTok page for a change?

Probably. But there’s no reason to doubt that she was actually hospitalized this week.

On Tuesday, Jenelle revealed that she’ll be bedridden for at least two days after she underwent an invasive CT scan meant to diagnose the cause of a “neck popping” issue she’s been experiencing in recent weeks.

As always, Jenelle’s biggest concern was “her haters,” some of whom pointed out that a CT scan is usually an in-and-out procedure.

“I know a lot of you are probably wondering, ‘Well a CT scan isn’t that bad with contrast. You just get it done. You walk out. You’re done.’ Yeah that’s a normal ct scan,” Evans said on her Instagram Story.

“What I had done was a CT myelogram. So what they do is basically you get a spinal tap. You get an epidural. And they put the dye into your spinal cord.”

She went to offer unsolicited details about her procedure:

“And then it glows up and then they do x-rays and CT scans like boom, boom, boom, before the dye goes away. And then it shows the inside of your spinal cord. And that is why I got this done was to look more in depth because yes, I have MRIs,” she said.

“Yes I have CT scans. Basically I have a neck popping issue, and we don’t know why.”

Jenelle didn’t go into detail, but somehow, the procedure is related to both her “neck popping” issues and her acid reflux.

Most people would ptobably just ignore these issues or treat them with over the counter medications, but Jenelle has a LOT of time on her hands.

From there, Evans went on to explain that she’ll be spending even more time in bed than usual this week:

“Then after this procedure is done, they don’t want you getting up. They don’t want you doing any extraneous activity for 24 hours. I have to lay here in bed flat,” she said.

“Yeah that so there’s no spinal fluid leaking out of the incision site. So yeah this is pretty invasive, and now I’m bedridden for two days,” Evans continued.

You know the situation is serious (that’s sarcasm) because Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, set aside his usual schedule of racism and far-right conspiracy theories in order to post about his wife for a change.

“Everyone keep my beautiful wife @j_evans1219 in your thoughts and prayers,” he captioned a pic of himself and Jenelle engaging in their usual day-drinking.

“She is having a myelogram mri with contrast today and hopefully they will figure out something to make her feel better!” Eason added.

“We love you so much babe, you got this!”

Is it just us, or is that “we” a little presumptuous?

Anyway, here’s hoping Jenelle gets better soon.

With any luck, by the end of this week, she’ll be done lying in bed, and she’ll be back to lying on the couch!

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