‘Hard to pick!’ David Beckham snubs wife Victoria when naming his favourite tattoos

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Former footballer and tattoo fanatic David Beckham totted up tattoos in tribute to his four children – sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper – but seemed to forget to mention the one featuring his wife. When asked about his favourite designs, David sheepishly backtracked to include her.

The angel [tattoo] stuck to the bed!

David Beckham

He had been deep in conversation with his former Manchester United team mate, Gary Neville, as part of his Youtube series, The Overlap.

“It’s hard to pick a favourite one to be honest,” he told Gary of his vast collection.

He mentioned the “kids’ names”, before hastily adding the etching which was dedicated to his wife.

“And Victoria’s [name]. Throw that one in!” the star exclaimed.

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David is certainly no stranger to using body art to mark his appreciation for his children.

He carries Romeo’s name at the back of his neck, below a picture of a crucifix with wings.

Meanwhile Brooklyn also has a presence on his neck, via his nickname, Buster.

In a reportedly painful tattoo of an angel etched across his back, he paid tribute to all three of his boys.

David reminisced with Gary about how he’d had his first two inkings, including the angel, done while staying at his house.

“The first one was Brooklyn on the bottom of my back,” he recalled.

“The second one was the angel and I was sleeping at your house at the time and it stuck to the bed!”

Plus Harper has not one but two inkings to mark his love of his youngest child.

One, which carries her name in cursive, describes her as a “pretty lady”.

Yet David wasn’t quite so quick to recall a tattoo mentioning wife Victoria, despite their 24 years of marriage.

Back in 1999 when they first tied the knot, the Spice Girls were still at the peak of their fame and they were considered the hottest and most sought after showbiz couple around.

Though the pair have had their public ups and downs since then, David’s marriage to Victoria seems to have stood the test of time.

The same could be said of the tattoos in his collection that celebrate her.

David honoured the year of their marriage by getting the number ’99’ tattooed on his finger.

Meanwhile her name is emblazoned on his hand alongside a hummingbird and the words “My Love”.

Additionally, “Victoria” is inked on his arm in Sanskrit lettering accompanying the phrase “Forever By Your Side”.

A final touching tribute to her reads: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

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