Freddie Gibbs Fight Video From Alleged Assault and Robbery in Buffalo

Freddie Gibbs got into a huge fight with a bunch of dudes before his weekend performance in New York … and it’s all on video!!!

The massive brawl broke out Saturday at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo, where Freddie was in town for a performance. He’s the guy in the green shirt, and video shows him in the thick of things.

As you can see, there’s a bunch of people throwing punches and kicking … and Freddie gets taken to the ground before getting up and continuing the fight. At one point, it appears items are being thrown.

It’s unclear what started the fight, but there are social media rumblings Freddie’s foes are “associates” of Benny The Butcher … and the two rappers do have beef.

Freddie ended up taking the stage the same night at Town Ballroom … sporting a shiner and a swollen eye.

FG’s girlfriend also posted video Monday, showing him in a jewelry shop with some bling … shooting down rumors he got his chain snatched in the fight.

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