Four Arrested After Allegedly Kidnapping 14-Day-Old Twins From Their Mother’s Hotel Room In Michigan!

Four people have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping 14-day-old twin boys.

According to the Livonia Police Captain Gregory Yon, Montana and Matthew Bridges were taken from their mother’s hotel room at the Quality Inn in Livonia, Michigan, on Sunday. Yon explained in a press conference on Monday that the woman had briefly left her sons in the room with two “friendly acquaintances.” But when she returned, no one was in her hotel room — including Montana and Matthew. The mom called the authorities at 10:10 p.m. that day, reporting that her children were kidnapped.

The Detroit Police and FBI “immediately began an investigation,” later issuing an Amber Alert. Law enforcement shared pictures from security cameras of the suspects to the public, which showed two people wearing hoods from their jackets to hide their faces.

And thankfully, this story doesn’t have a tragic ending. At around 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Detroit police Chief James White said Matthew and Montana were dropped off at the Ninth Precinct of the Detroit Police Department. White said in a press conference they were unharmed:

“We have the best outcome possible. The two kids have been recovered.”

Yon noted that police are “still trying to figure out exactly what happened and why they disappeared.” If you ask the twins’ grandmother, Yvette McDonald, though, she has a theory about the situation. She told CBS Detroit on Wednesday that the mom had asked for help with getting essential baby products like diapers and wipes in a mom’s group on Facebook:

“It all began when she went on Facebook. She was just reaching out for a little help. They are supposed to help young ladies who just had babies with resources, gift cards, diapers, etc.”

One day before the kidnapping, her son’s home had been broken into. Whoa! The family decided “to get away for safety” and go to the hotel following the scary incident. But of course, things became even more of a nightmare for the mom and dad when their kids were taken. Now, McDonald thinks the same people who attempted to break into her son’s home were the ones who kidnapped Montana and Matthew:

“They came to my son’s house a day before they kidnapped the kids. They tried to break in through the window, the bathroom window, and the front window. It was the same black Jeep that came to my son’s house that took the kids.”

She also claimed the family got multiple texts from the suspects who allegedly stole the twins. Although McDonald could not share what the messages said, she believes the alleged kidnappers were trying to cover up their crime. She told the outlet that “the FBI said it could have been bogus to make them look good to try to look like it was all planned.”

Since their return, the Livonia Police Department revealed in a statement on Tuesday that four people were arrested. CBS Detroit reported on Thursday that 18-year-old Curtis Lee Slay, 19-year-old Davion Demetrius Sherman Chandler, and 23-year-old Shantell Re-Azia Jones were then charged with two counts of kidnapping-child enticement, two counts of unlawful imprisonment, one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping-child enticement, and three counts of larceny in a building. Officials claim Jones became friends with the mother in order to steal the twins’ from her.

As for the fourth person arrested? The case is under review at this time since they are a minor, and a decision on any charges against them will be released next week.

What a scary situation! We’re so glad the twins were found safe and returned to their family! Reactions? Let us know in the comments.

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