Eamonn Holmes apologises ahead of being a ‘no show’ saying ‘Covid has finally caught me’

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Eamonn Holmes, 61, has today announced “Covid has finally caught me”, saying he will be forced to miss “professional and personal events” while self-isolating at home. The This Morning host said he is thankful to be “double-jabbed” and is “coping” with the symptoms of the virus well.

On Twitter, he wrote: “Covid finally caught me. Thankfully I’m double jabbed. 

“More than half way through my isolation and coping with the symptoms and effects well. 

“Unfortunately I’m going to be a no show for some professional and personal events. 

“Just want to let everyone know why and offer my apologies.”

In response, his fans wished him a “speedy recovery” as they sent their best wishes.

@PamelaB1970 wrote: “@EamonnHolmes Speedy recovery,  I’ve still not had my taste and smell back since last Xmas it’s robbed me of it,  no jabs then either and I wasn’t that ill but this lasting symptom is awful.”(sic)

@Flanaga11Teresa said: “@EamonnHolmes Get well soon Eamonn. The way it’s going I think we are all going to get it at some point. Thank God for the vaccine.”

@pottermoss typed: “Hope you recover quickly, unfortunately, my wife and I are now 8 weeks in and still struggling to overcome weakness, tiredness, aches, pains and have just found out B12 vitamin tablets are recommended in the recovery of long covid. we are both double jabbed. God bless, sending our love.”(sic)

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