Doja Cat Responds To Concerned Fans After Posting Photo Of Herself In A NECK BRACE!

The real whiplash is trying to keep up with what Doja Cat is posting, as she sets the record straight on THAT picture of her wearing a neck brace!

On Instagram Wednesday, the Attention rapper posted a photo of herself wearing a cervical collar, which left fans shocked. But her caption read:

“i’m fine my neck is fine”

Um WHAT?? See the original post (below):

A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat)

Despite her insistence she was fine, some of her followers were understandably worried! We mean, seeing your favorite artist in a neck brace is going to raise eyebrows! Commenters flooded the post, wondering what had happened, and if Doja was injured:

“girl wtf happened”

“hey is your neck okay?”

“Are u ok??”

Meanwhile, some fans figured this was just another one of the 27-year-old’s goofy antics — and made jokes in the replies:

“ur carrying rap so hard u broke ur neck.. bless ur soul (if u have one left)”

“That’s what happens when you crawl around on the ceiling”

“It’s a fashion thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

“jaw broke from how much she ate”

The Demons rapper finally told her story, though, and luckily it seems like she’s okay! In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday night at the Victoria’s Secret World Tour event, she said in response to being asked about the neck brace:

“So, my friend here, my date, my lovely date got whiplash and he takes it off sometimes and I stole it from him. I’m literally fine. Completely fine, my neck is great.”


Well, she tried to tell us, we guess!

Still, that’s great to hear. Doja also cheekily quipped when the interviewer asked if she was always “stirring the pot” online:


LOLz! She certainly knows how to keep everyone on their toes! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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