Demi Lovato: I’m Finally Ready to Talk About My Overdose

Back in July of 2018, Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life.

The pop star had relapsed just a few weeks earlier following several years of sobriety.

In the months that followed, Demi steered clear of the spotlight and focused on her recovery.

These days, Demi is reportedly happier and healthier than ever.

Even recent setbacks like her breakup with Max Ehrlich, she seems to have taken in stride.

Like all addicts, Lovato is taking life one day at a time, and sources say she’s aware that the work of staying sober is never done.

But whereas before she tried to leave that painful chapter of her past behind, these days, Demi is willing and able to share her pain with fans in the hope that by doing so, she might be of some assistance to someone else who’s struggling.

This week, Demi announced an upcoming YouTube docuseries that will focus on the aftermath of her 2018 overdose.

Titled Dancing With the Devil, the doc is set to premiere on Demi’s YouTube channel on March 23.

“It’s been two years since I came face-to-face with the darkest point in my life,” Demi told Rolling Stone.

“For the first time, you’ll be able to see my chronicle of struggle and ongoing healing,” she added.

“I’m grateful that I was able to take this journey to face my past head-on and share it with the world,” Lovato continued.

On her Instagram Story, Demi thanked her loved ones for their support during the making of the project.

“There has been so much that I’ve wanted to say, but knew I had to say it right,” she wrote.

“Thank you to my family, friends, and fans for staying by my side over the years as I learn and grow. I’m so excited to finally share this story with you that I’ve held on to for the last 2 years.”

This is Lovato’s second documentary following 2017’s Simply Complicated, but insiders say this one is a far more probing look at Demi’s private life and personal demons.

A press release promises “an honest look back at some of the most trying times in Lovato’s life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health.”

“Demi’s willingness to explore the darkest elements of her life is going to leave the audience with a complete understanding of everything she’s been through and ultimately where she is going,” says director Michael D. Ratner.

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“Demi stands for empowerment, and this documentary is going to answer the many questions that have been out there — providing a real window into the life of one of the biggest stars in the world, who is simply a human being.”

It certainly couldn’t have been easy for Demi to delve into the most painful period of her recent past and share her trauma with the world.

But she deserves a world of credit for using her platform to call attention to the worsening opioid crisis in America.

We wish her all the best in her continued recovery.

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