Courtney Stodden Says People Shouldn't Buy Chrissy Teigen's Kid Wagon B/C of Bullying

Courtney Stodden says folks shouldn’t be spending money on Chrissy Teigen‘s new child wagon … and she’d never support someone who told kids like her to take a “dirt nap.”

We got Courtney in L.A. and asked what she thought about folks bagging on Chrissy’s new stroller wagon, given the toxic history … and while she claims to have moved on, she had some stern words for anyone looking to buy.

petal stroller

Courtney tells us she’s gone through hell over the years, thanks to Chrissy — and the irony is blinding … selling a children’s product when she was an online bully to kids.

BTW, we ask Court if folks need to move on, or if Chrissy’s review-bomb is fair game … check out her response.

As we reported, Chrissy’s collab with Wonderfold has been flooded with 1-star reviews … and many of the reviews are all about the celeb attached to the product.


One wrote, “To sell a product with its purpose to be used with CHILDREN, you chose a “woman” who told a CHILD (Courtney Stodden) to kill herself?!”

You’ll recall, Chrissy had a bit of a mean streak in the past, especially with Courtney, who was a teenager at the time. Chrissy tweeted, “Go. to sleep. forever,” and “I hate you.”

The barbs came at the time Courtney was married to actor Doug Hutchison, tying the knot when she was 16 and he was 51.

Chrissy’s since publicly apologized to anyone she hurt in the past with her trolling, but it sounds like Courtney still isn’t going to forgive and forget.

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