Catelynn Lowell Trashed by Mom-Shamers: You Made Us Think Carly DIED!

Fans are excited that Catelynn Lowell is preparing to welcome a new baby girl with Tyler Baltierra.

Others, however, worry that Catelynn needs to be a better mother to the kids they’ve already had.

We are talking, of course, about Carly, but don’t worry — nobody’s adoption-shaming.

Instead … why did Catelynn share clickbait that seemed to suggest that Carly died?

Catelynn Lowell shared an Instagram Story that set alarm bells ringing among followers.

Alongside a series of photos read the caption: “Devastating news about Carly.”

Followers were invited to click to learn more.

Carly is, we of course want to emphasize, alive.

It would be twisted for a mother to share clickbait of her child’s death in her Instagram Stories.

It is, fans say, somehow worse for that to be shared when it’s untrue, when the link is misleading.

A number of Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to rake Catelynn across the coals.

“More disgusting clickbait from clickbait Cate,” the thread was titled.

As you can imagine, that truly set the tone for all that followed.

One simply ruled that the Instagram Story promo was “gross.”

Another wrote: “This is so sick. Grow the f–k up and respect Carly’s privacy. This makes me so angry.”

A comment questioned: “I don’t understand how this is even legal for her to do at this point.”

Obviously, there are very few restrictions on what news stories people can link to and how they can do it.

For that reasons, commenters observed that this is “in bad taste but it’s not illegal.”

But legal isn’t really the the standard for how you treat a child.

“That’s weird,” another commenter decreed.

“Even if she’s not the one who made it,” the commenter allowed.

That same comment continued: “She should have boundaries shows how much she really cares about carly.”

“Like, at what point do you stop selling your integrity… jfc,” one scolded.

“This so so effed up,” another declared.

That same commenter then asked: “Do they realize or care that Carly is a person?”

“Yuck. I’ve never seen Carly since their 16 & Pregnant episode and that’s how it should have been,” one wrote.

“They act like they just lovingly handed her off just until they got themselves together,” another observed.

“And,” they continued, “are shocked when that’s definitely not the case.”

“And have the audacity to make clickbait about her??” that same commenter asked.

That commenter concluded: “Screw them.”

Meanwhile, another asked: “Is a bit of respect for Carly too much to ask?”

It’s true, as commenters suggested, that Catelynn may not be the one who made or even posted that.

Who writes a clickbait plug depends upon numerous factors, including who one’s manager is and contracts.

Many of us have seen reality stars have semi-public meltdowns over things shared to their social media in the past.

Should Catelynn have a meltdown over this? Well … no. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

But it might be possible for her to discuss this with anyone involved behind-the-scenes.

That way, she can avoid crossing this line (even unknowingly) in the future.

That said, it is admittedly difficult to feel sorry for anyone who saw that and thought that it was grim news.

After all, titles tell people very little — informing readers is the job of any article.

If someone chooses to make up their own article contents with their imagination instead of reading an article, well, that’s on them.

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