Britney Spears Song 'Baby One More Time' Almost Went To This '90s Girl Band

The hit song by Britney Spears, “Baby One More Time,” debuted at number one in 1999. Over 20 years later, the album is still the biggest-selling album ever by a teenage artist. However, Spears hit single almost went to a ’90s girl band.

Does Britney Spears write her own songs?

Britney Spears did not write her first hit song, “Baby One More Time,” however, she did collaborate on many songs as she became more popular. Spears did not write any of the songs on her debut album. Eric Foster White and Max Martin wrote most of the songs on the album “Baby One More Time,” along with other songwriters and producers. 

Spears co-wrote one song on her second album, “Oops… I Did It Again.” The first song the pop icon received writing credit for was “Dear Diary.” She contributed more to her third album and was even more involved in writing her fourth album.

For Spears album, “In The Zone,” she co-wrote nine songs and collaborated with stars such as Madonna. However, on her album, “Blackout, she only co-wrote two of the 12 tracks on the album. Although she doesn’t write all of her music, Spears has a substantial creative say in everything she produces.

Britney Spears song ‘Baby One More Time’ was offered to TLC before the pop icon

Before “Baby One More Time” fell into Britney Spears’ hands, the Swedish songwriters sent it to TLC. The ’90s girl band made up of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, the late Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chili” Thomas scored nine top-ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100. However, “Baby One More Time” would not become one of those hits.

TLC felt the song, originally titled “Hit Me Baby (One More Time), had domestic violence undertones to it. 

“I was like: ‘I like the song but do I think it’s a hit? Do I think it’s TLC?’” T-Boz explained to The Guardian in 2013. “Was I going to say ‘Hit me, baby, one more time’? Hell no!”

T-Boz didn’t feel that the song was their style, so the Swedish songwriters sent “Baby One More Time” to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse star. Britney Spears knew what the song’s real meaning was immediately. The pop icon related to the lyrics and agreed to produce it.

‘Baby One More Time’ is not sexual

Most people who listened to Britney Spears’ hit song felt it was sexual in nature. However, that isn’t the case at all.  

“The whole song is about that stress that we all go through as teens,” she told the outlet. “I knew it was a great song. It was different, and I loved it, [but] I don’t think you can anticipate how a song is going to be received.” 

When it came to producing the video for “Baby One More Time,” Spears rejected the idea of an animated music video. Instead, she suggested the high school student daydreaming in the Catholic schoolgirl uniform. The song’s success was a “blur” to Spears, but ’90s children will never forget listening to the pop song for the first time. It would be strange to hear it sang by TLC instead.

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