Billie Eilish Admits Lack Of Privacy Has Driven Her To Want To Do 'All Sorts Of Crazy Things'

Billie Eilish has been in a “bad place” — and she’s getting candid about it.

During an interview with Allure for their Best of Beauty Issue published on Thursday, the 21-year-old mega star opened up about the lows of stardom — and how the realization that she can “never have privacy again” sometimes overwhelms her.

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“It’s wild,” said the TV songstress, revealing that she thinks “all the time” about wanting to hide from the prying eyes of fame… something that has driven her to want to do “all sorts of crazy things.” She admitted:

“I’ve not been doing so great, to be honest. For a while. I have impending-doom feelings most of the day. When I think too much about it, how I can never have privacy again, it’s enough to make you want to do all sorts of crazy things. But you have to let it go.”

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That must be really tough… Since launching her career as a teen, she’s pretty much skyrocketed to the top, which, like she says, comes with both good and bad. However, she assured the outlet she’s “starting to do better” — and she credits a random interaction in Paris for it:

“There was this moment when I was in Paris, we were driving around, and I was in a bad place. It was not a good time for ol’ Bill. I was not getting better, and didn’t know when I would. And this motorcycle pulled up next to the car, and this guy’s helmet had a sticker on it that said in all caps, ‘Move on.’ I was sitting there like, Oh. Message received.”

She added:

“I have a really big problem with control, so I’ve been trying to teach myself that there are things out of your control and you have to move on.”

Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as a sticker to make things click! We’re so glad Billie took a positive message from it.

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The What Was I Made For songstress continued:

“I have settled many times with things and people and life. I’ve settled for less than I deserved, and I’m not going to do that anymore.”

Good for her! As a teen, the Grammy winner believed she had it all figured out, reflecting:

“When I was 17, I was like, ‘I found it. I found the person I am, forever. This is how I’m going to do it. I found all the ways! These are my boundaries. These are the things that make me happy, and this is my recipe for how I’m going to make music and be happy.’”

However, with time, she realized that life continues to evolve, and that she would need to as well:

“Then I grew up a little, and suddenly life was like, These aren’t going to work. You’ve got to change. You’re not that person anymore.”

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Time is the best teacher, right? She firmly added bit of advice for anyone who may be going through something similar:

“But the thing is, people should know — women should know — you don’t have to be exceptional. You can just be a person, and you should get awards for just being. Sometimes artists don’t have plans, and that’s fine, but I did, and I wasn’t going to waste them.”

We hope Billie continues to put her mental health first! See more (below):

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